"Living in East Anglia is inspiring. I think a type of light is peculiar to this area in much the same way as Cornish light is held to be. The landscape, particularly in the area of Suffolk I live in, appears to be largely unchanged since the 19th century or earlier. I have a studio in Beccles and travelling to it from my home on the coast through rural Suffolk is a visual pleasure.

I’m also interested in the built environment, my partner is an architect and we seem to look at a lot of buildings. I’ve previously produced work based on India, Morocco, Spain and New York.

After drawing I usually work up ideas tonally in monochrome (charcoal, chalks and inks) and then develop colour as I feel suits the atmosphere and feeling of the image I am aiming for. I use paint expressively and try to develop a sense of ambiguity by layering colour and marks to capture this."

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